Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

  • Are you a new supervisor and frustrated with all of the work that you are now responsible for?
  • Have another new boss and need to understand his/her management style?
  • Are you working in an organization that just went through another reorganization or downsizing scenario?
  • Feeling uncertain as what the future in your organization holds and uncertain what steps to take right now?
  • Are you picking up the pieces again after another re-organizational shuffle?
  • Are you struggling to delegate work and hold your subordinates accountable?
  • Do you dread having difficult conversations with your subordinates, especially around performance when so many things seem to be out of their control?
  • With time so limited and meetings so scare, are you uncertain as to how to best navigate conversations with your boss and get your points across?

If this describes you, you are in the right place. You are probably in a new leadership position, in the midst of an organizational change, or both. While the change may be for the best, you are affected psychologically and emotionally. You know you are responsible for helping your staff understand what’s going on in your organization, remain productive and challenged, navigate changing political dynamics, and accomplish important work, but this is hard!

You want to:

  • Communicate with your boss and subordinates with clarity and confidence
  • Delegate work with ease and self-assurance
  • Navigate the political dynamics and organizational changes with composure and belief in yourself
  • Deal positively with change in your life and in your organization!

You can! Through my coaching and proven tools such as powerful questioning, journaling, positive mindset activities, and more, I help my clients have less stress in their lives, deal constructively with uncertainty and changes in their lives, communicate effectively with their bosses and staff, feel appreciated and valued by their staff and higher-ups, and are excited about the plans they have for their future. They are able to navigate the various stages of change with greater ease and self-assurance.

In fact, when Edwin was going through significant leadership changes in his organization, he recognized the need to communicate clearly and confidently to his staff about the potential strategic changes that were going on and to assure his staff that he supported the work that they do. After a few months of coaching, Edwin was able to articulate his vision to his staff, reassure them about their importance to the organization, and re-direct various projects to ensure full utilization of his staff’s talents and interests. Even though Edwin was a new supervisor, he demonstrated his ability to lead others and was asked to assume a higher level position in his organization. Confident is the word Edwin uses now to describe himself in his leadership position.