Typical Coaching Clients and Results Achieved

 Typical Clients 

  • Individuals Desiring Meaningful Careers
  • Individuals Affected by Downsizing or Re-organizations
  • Individuals Newly Retired or Considering Retirement
  • Results-Oriented Individuals Aspiring to Pivot Positively When Faced with Obstacles and Change
  • New and Emerging Leaders Desiring to Be the Best They Can Be
  • Executive Leaders Desiring to Lead with Impact and Influence
  • Council and Board Members Striving to Effectively Lead Communities and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Business Owners Adapting to Changing Markets and Demands 


  • New ideas, fresh approaches, and greater self-awareness, confidence, and clarity 
  • Greater understanding and self-awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses, challenges and threats
  • Awareness of one's "why" and what's important in life
  • Ability to navigate the emotional and psychological challenges to reach one's personal and organizational goals 

Coaching Is Made Easy with the Coaching Console System

  • Easy Scheduling (no e-mails back and forth)
  • Coaching Support Before and After Each Coaching Session
  • Quick Access to One's Files and option to tape sessions/retain own records/journals
  • Online Payment System
  • Access to Newsletters and Updates