J. O. B. Should You Stay or Should You Go?


J. O. B. Should You Stay or Should You Go?  

Almost every day we read news stories about people who dislike their J.O.B.S. and are considering retiring or just quitting.



Because people want meaningful work, flexible schedules,
and good relationships with bosses and co-workers.


Instead, many people are feeling that they are:

  • not using their talents and strengths,

  • not contributing in meaningful ways,

  • extremely stressed with too much work and crazy bosses.

Even Federal employees who gravitate to public service and secure employment,
are feeling unmotivated, stressed, and ready for a change!

Perhaps you’re feeling like you have missed the boat.

  • You've invested too many years in your company, in your profession.
  • And, you're too old to change and you’ve come this far, so you’ll just keep plugging away and won’t complain.

Do you really want to live a life of mediocrity?


Then, I invite you to take a few moments of your time
to assess your level of satisfaction with 
your current job or career.

You’ll be asked to assess your level of satisfaction in a number of areas,
such as growth and advancement, values and beliefs, lifestyle, income, and more. 

Complete the form below

and you’ll be sent the first in a series of tools you can use to evaluate where you are now,
where you need to be, and what you need to do to improve your current job situation.

Don’t delay!

Your career -  your life - are too important to waste another moment
stuck in a rut or feeling miserable and unfulfilled.