Career Change Coaching


Are you stressed and overworked?

Feeling underappreciated and not valued? Have a demanding boss that expects way too much or working in a toxic environment?

Do you dread going to work each morning?

Do you have a desire to make a significant change in your career, don’t know where to start, and scared that you won’t be making enough money to live on if you make a change?

Or, are you close to retirement but uncertain about what’s next in your career and personal life?

Feeling stuck and could use some help with identifying opportunities beyond just quitting or changing jobs for the next chapter of your life?

If this describes you, then you are in the right place.

Don’t you want to wake up and be excited
about what the day will bring?

You can!

Through coaching and proven tools such as powerful questioning, journaling, positive mindset activities, and more, I help my clients have less stress in their lives, deal constructively with their bosses, feel appreciated again and valued in the work that they do, and are excited about the plans they have for their future.

Meet Mary

While Mary was working with me:

  • She influenced her boss to allow her to work remotely from her Florida home, which reduced her stress and improved the quality of her life.
  • She also was assigned a leadership position in a huge contract and began feeling appreciated and valued in her work.
  • In addition, she started building her start-up business so she could launch it when she retired.

Excited is the word Mary uses to describe her life now!

What about YOU?

My goal is to for you to succeed and to experience joy in the work you do.

I meet you exactly where you are... at the beginning stages of a career transition, or at the end of a lifelong career exploring the excitement and uncertainties of retirement. I listen intently to your story, ask probing questions, help you uncover your longings, desires, and opportunities, and partner with you in attaining your goals. You walk away with new possibilities, fresh approaches, and greater self-awareness, confidence, and clarity.

You are excited when you wake up each morning to uncover what the day will bring!

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