Happy Clients

Mary Jo

"That old saying is really true - 'any journey begins with one small step'. I really appreciate your help as I wobbled onto a future path, to reinvent my work - and myself! Your coaching, advice, and the wonderful positive energy that you gave me invigorated me and helped me to move into new and unfamiliar territory...I've come pretty far in the six or so months since we began to articulate my vision and am on the path to development and implementation (of a new business). I owe much to the framework you provided, and to your positive reinforcement of my progress. Thank you for all of your help and I will be in touch real soon!" 


Thought Leader | Organizational Development Consultant | Leadership Developer

"Patty has and continues to demonstrate just how special she is by sharing her values and helping others through thoughtful professionalism and a genuine caring attitude...Her formula of value added is easily seen through her preparation, listening skills, and the ability to facilitate predictable outcomes. Patty is a great Coach!"

Carol G.

Supervisory Scientist

"I have come to understand that a great Coach can lead you to discover insights about yourself and build a deeper understanding of how one can more effectively deal with circumstances in daily life at work or home...Patty has a wonderful way of speaking gently into the challenges or concerns that ....has helped me to see things differently and have some “aha” moments which can be a real revelation."


Executive Recruiter

"Patty is a consummate professional. As my Business Coach, she has prepared me for our meetings

with questions that drill down to what my real needs are at that particular time...."


Executive and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer

"Patty has an extensive background of knowledge and skills that support her ability to be a coach who empowers and challenges her clients towards their own levels of success... Patty is very conscientious about individualizing coaching sessions and following the agenda identified by the client. I have found her insights to be valuable and her ability to champion my efforts to strengthen my resolve to accomplish my goals."  


Supervisory Scientist, Ph.D.
"Patty identifies causes of issues at my workplace in every coaching session and guides me with identifying proper and effective ways to resolve those issues. She identifies blind spots on my career development journey and provides tools that are helpful to prepare myself for the next step when opportunities come.
Thank you, Patty, for being an excellent coach."


Community Outreach Manager

“Patty has the ability to both challenge and empower, which has helped me to trust my instincts in handling complex situations. Patty is professional and prepared, spending time to understand my goals and helping me to implement successful strategies. I am very influenced by her positive energy and genuine caring attitude.  Thank you, Patty, for being a wonderful coach!”


Financial Manager
"I became more confident and am grateful to Coach Patty when said, 'Embrace yourself for who you are.' Rather than treating a tendency as a weakness, she encouraged me to recognize it in myself, face it, and work with it. She helped me see myself more clearly, identified uniqueness in myself, and work with it. I think others in supervisory or managerial positions can benefit from the experience as I did, because Coach Patty showed us a way to better ourselves, as human beings, colleagues, and as parents, all of which help us in supervisory or managerial positions... I recommend Coach Patty to others. She is very experienced in seeing my needs, she is effective in hearing and guiding me to find the answers on my own. In doing this, she taught me the tools to face future work and life challenges." 


Director, Compensation and Benefits Programs

"I have worked with Patty for over two years and one of my biggest challenges was wanting to be more of a strategic thinker and leader. She has been instrumental in helping me transform into just that. Her most admirable traits as a coach are her compassion and empathy and actually giving realistic advice on how to handle difficult situations. In addition, I used to second guess my decisions, but she has instilled confidence in me by praising my successes and highlighting traits that make me effective. She is not only a coach, but has become my friend and I thoroughly look forward to our sessions, You will not be disappointed.


Lifestyle Strategist 

"What I love about Patty is the spirit she brings to her business. She has the abiity to see what's possible for you, then come along side you to help you get there. The softness of her voice does not reflect the power of her spirit, but the nature of it. Don't be fooled. Patty is a power house for your results in transitioning! Step into the opportunity to work with her!"