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You can say I’ve been there, done that!

Hello and welcome!

I'm Patty Maples and with over 25 years of Federal human capital expertise, a master’s degree in conflict resolution and counseling, and certification from the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach, I feel confident that I can help you navigate your life’s transitions and soar in your job and in your life, with renewed enthusiasm, and appreciation for this chapter of your life.

And having worked in multiple prestigious Federal agencies and as an independent entrepreneur, I know what it takes to accomplish substantive, meaningful goals, and to navigate change and successfully come out the other side! I have worked with both individuals and organizations in downsizing situations and with leaders forced to undergo significant reductions in their workforces and deal with impacted employees.

Coaching is a tool that can be effectively used to serve you if you are going through a career or personal change. Because of the safe, caring, and compassionate space that is created together, you are able to dig deeper and discover answers for yourself that earlier had eluded you, and ultimately, achieve personal and professional success! Allow me to partner with you to deal effectively with change. Let's work together to achieve your goals!

To your success!


 I know what it's like to...

 Deal with organizational and leadership changes

  Reinvent oneself and change jobs in search of more meaningful work


  And then… Start a Coaching Business!

Making the decision to work with a coach is an important decision!

You might be wondering if coaching is for you, or if you should choose me as your coach?

Watch the videos below to learn and, if you think we might be a good fit, schedule a complimentary session with me!

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Complimentary Consultation

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Mary Jo 

"That old saying is really true - 'any journey begins with one small step'. I really appreciate your help as I wobbled onto a future path, to reinvent my work - and myself! Your coaching, advice, and the wonderful positive energy that you gave me invigorated me and helped me to move into new and unfamiliar territory....
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