Retirement Coaching


Are you close to retirement but uncertain about what’s next in your career and personal life?  

Already retired and finding yourself without a compass and drifting into Netflix binges and tasteless meals?

Found yourself in a downsizing situation at the later stage of your work life and unsure about the future?

Wondering what to do when you retire?

  • Move closer to your adult kids?
  • Stay close to lifelong friends?
  • Volunteer or get a job that pays?

Thinking about starting a new business or volunteering in a meaningful way when you retire, but overwhelmed with where to start?

Now that you have proven yourself
in your life’s work, don’t you want to:

Be clear about this next stage of your life?

Be excited about moving into a time of enormous creativity and freedom?

Have a plan that fits your lifestyle desires
and offers renewed purpose and fulfillment?


 If this describes you,
you are in the midst of a major life transition...

This is when coaching can help you plot a course that leads you to a meaningful and purposeful life.

Retirement can be on your terms. You can live the life you desire.

You can move forward loving each day of retirement because it’s the life you created and the life you want.

I know this can be done!


My Story

After a 25-year stint in public service, I retired in 2015 and created a coaching business that fuels my need for creativity and an intense desire to serve others.

I realized this is was the type of work I loved when in government service. While working with the National Institutes of Health and with the U.S. Geological Survey, I helped individuals who were transitioning to another career or considering retirement due to organizational restructuring and downsizing initiatives move forward.

I, too, have lived a life of change and am social proof that one cannot only survive change, but thrive! Join me on this incredible journey. You won’t be disappointed!

Using various tools including training programs, networking groups and professional expertise, I created a business – a life -  that serves me.

I am living life on my own terms
and am loving each and every day.

This is why I coach people in transition.




Complimentary Consultation

Let's discuss
the transition challenges

you are dealing with
in a complimentary consultation