Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


It’s that time of year again – endings and beginnings.  It’s time to celebrate the year that is passing and embrace the new one approaching. Time to slow down, take a breath, and reflect on the blessings we so frequently take for granted.      

It’s also a perfect time to review the year and celebrate your successes!

Below are a few questions I leave you with as you move into the new year.

  1. List your Top 5 Achievements this Year.



  1. Name 5 Challenges You Overcame this Year.



  1. What did You Learn about Yourself this Year?




  1. What New or Existing Relationships Did You Develop?




  1. What Did You Create or Bring into the World this Year?




  1. How Specifically Did You Make a Difference in the World this Year?



In reviewing your responses, how do you feel as you look over your list?  What are the highlights?  Are there specific themes and patterns that you notice? 


Recognize yourself!  Embrace your many accomplishments. 

Celebrate your successes by identifying tangible ways to do so (e.g., take the day off to do something creative, schedule additional personal time into your week’s schedule for exercise, read, or do whatever you love!). 

Get ready for an amazing New Year!   

Best wishes!  

Patty Maples



Patty Maples
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