Greetings Colleagues and Friends,

I am back home after experiencing five days of "magic" at Lifestyle Live, a conference for coaches and entrepreneurs hosted by Co-founders of Coaches Console Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher and their team in Atlanta, GA. It was an extraordinary conference, with sessions starting early in the morning and running into the evening, with continuous networking and camaraderie! 

After completing an intense year-long Accelerator Program conducted mostly online, the group you see in the photo below came together to celebrate our successes. Smart, innovative, caring and, yes, vulnerable are some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of this group. Throughout the year, we loved each other up while we challenged ourselves to scale out businesses by facing our fears and taking risks that we didn't know we could! And, risk-taking is what occurred!



I was honored to be one of four (that's me in red in the front row) selected to share their story on stage to an audience of over 100. I am not a public speaker, but the electricity in the crowd and the love in the room provided me with the energy I needed to get out there and share who I am and hopefully, inspire others to do the same. And, it was so much fun! I am so very grateful for the opportunities I have been given and for the friendships I have made as a result of this program!

I hope my story inspires you to take advantage of opportunities for growth and learning in your professional and personal lives. "It gets better with age" is my mantra! And, my prayer is for you to find your "tribe" or community that shares your values, loves you without judgment, and pushes you to be the very best you can be. Our broken and beautiful world needs the gifts you have! You have so much to share! Be bold and brave! If I can do it, well, you can, too!

With gratitude in abundance,


Patty Maples
Your Transition Coach for Career & Life

Patty Maples
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