Silver Lining

It happened so quickly – 30 seconds and boom, our 150-year-old tree fell straight into our new sunroom on that windy day in February. We had just finished final touches into making the room inviting and comfortable for family and friends. My husband’s extraordinary woodworking craftsmanship was evident in the many details of the room. And, in a flash, our new sunroom, kitchen, rooftop, and daughter’s car were instantly destroyed. You might say it took the wind out of my sail!

Is there a silver lining in this story? We are still uncovering the destruction and working with insurance and construction companies to rebuild, thinking it will take us probably three to four months to restore our home during a time we were hoping to start on our garden instead. But the silver lining was found, mostly because we were looking for it rather than at the mess.

It was:

God’s Faithfulness. We weren’t injured – we were protected. Our belief in God and his undying protection and care deepened. Really, what if someone had been sitting under that window in the sunroom at that moment?

Community Support. We were supported! We have tremendous community support even though we only moved to our little town in Virginia just three years ago. One of the advantages of a small town is that residents really do care for each other and take the time to show their concern. Our love for our community deepened.

Take the next step. We were able to laugh at the unbelievable happening and were encouraged to just take the next step toward reconstruction. I mean, you really just have to laugh at how life throws you a curveball sometimes, don’t you?

When have you been hit by the unexpected? What did you do to pull yourself out of the mess? What silver lining did you find in an unexpected challenging situation? 

Patty Maples
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