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It’s the 4thof July! It’s hard to believe that we are already in the midst of summer, celebrating our nation’s freedoms and enjoying the many activities we love on this holiday. I thought I would take a moment of your time today to reflect on the many freedoms we so often take for granted in our great nation.

I think back over my life and acknowledge all of the opportunities I have had – opportunities for education and jobs in public service that allowed me to become a homeowner and own a little piece of land in this great United States. I have been fortunate to marry and have children, raise them in a church home, send them to both public and private schools, and witness their launch into the adult world. I now have an opportunity to reach others through coaching and serving. Blessed is the word that comes to my mind.

How have our nation's freedoms propelled your success in work and in life?

If you are a service member, spouse of a service member, or a public servant, THANK YOU for your service! If you are now a student, are you taking advantage of opportunities that come your way to obtain an education and develop your talents? If you are already in the workforce, how are you using your knowledge,, skills, and personal power in service to others and to foster our nation’s prosperity and freedoms? If you are retired or not in the workforce, what are you doing to advance our nation’s magnificence? You are resourceful and gifted and have so much to give - I challenge you to reflect on your many blessings and stretch yourself by giving even more in ways only YOU can do!  

May you have a safe and happy 4thof July holiday! 

God bless America!

Coach Patty

Patty Maples
Patty Maples Transition Coaching for Career and Life

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