August 2020

Dear Patty,

I pray this communication finds you and your family well!

These are certainly unprecedented times we're encountering with COVID-19. I know you are continuing to look after the safety and health of your families, as well as your colleagues and neighbors. As you know, we are all in this together! 

With new information about COVID-19 coming available at rapid rates profoundly affecting our work, our schools and universities, and more, it can be challenging to keep it all going, We've been at this for a while now, and I know you may be feeling weary. I understand and my heart is with you.

In the midst of all this, I feel optimistic that we will come through this stronger and reconnected to the important things in life in even greater ways.  

Who do you want to be during COVID-19? after COVID-19?

I want to share an image that has been making its way around social media. No one knows the originator. The fourth zone was created by Suzanne C. Kobasa* who described a trait she called hardiness. It gives me much encouragement for I am seeing so many people move out of the fear zone --  into the learning and the growth zones.  Through social (physical) distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, using pick up or delivery services, and social media connections, we continue to live in a manner that is consistent with our goals and values. We don't have to like all of the changes, but we can accept and live with them. We can still be the people we want to be. And, we can be even better!

Take some time to look at the chart above and see how you are learning and growing. I would love to hear more about what you are learning and how you are growing as a result of the pandemic. 

If you are feeling a little low or unsettled, I encourage you to seek guidance from trusted mentors, clergy, and confidants. Such individuals can provide you with a framework to help you navigate these uncertain times.

Know that I am here to listen, offer words of encouragement, or help you break down a challenge into smaller, manageable pieces if that would help you move forward. I'm here for you.

Stay well, everyone.

Patty Maples
Your Transition Coach for Career & Life


*Kobasa, S. 1979. Stressful live events, personality, and health-inquiry into hardiness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37, (1): 1-11. 



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