What's Transition Coaching

Transition coaching is a unique coaching specialty that focuses on helping individuals navigate the emotional and practical challenges that arise when facing a significant change in their professional or personal life.

During periods of change, individuals frequently experience fear, uncertainty, and confusion. They want to create and experience a sense of normalcy in their lives, but soon realize that the new normal will not be what their life looked like before! This state of discomfort can be difficult and even frightening.

Transition Coaching offers individuals a lifeline that they can hang onto until the new (and more often than not more fulfilling) path is charted and experienced. Much like the stages of grief, individuals who experience a major life or professional transition go through different stages. This is when coaching is particularly useful and necessary.

Below is a depiction of a typical change cycle. Transition Coaching provides individuals with the support they need and a roadmap to follow during the change curve.






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